Thursday, February 19, 2015

I Am a Singer3 Ep3 Videos I Am a Singer Season3 Korea February 13, 2015 Music Video

[I Am a Singer Season3 Korea Episode3]
Channel - MBC
Producer - Bak Hyeonho, Gang Yeongseon, Gim Junhyeon
MC - Lena Park
Airdate - February 13, 2015
Episode - 1round 2nd contest
Theme - the song which I want to sing
Cast - Lena Park, So Chan Whee, Sweet Sorrow, Yangpa, Ha Dong Qn, Hyorin (6 team)

I Am a Singer3 Episode3 Album Cover

[1round 2nd Contest Ranking]
No.1 Sweet Sorrow
No.2 Yangpa
No.3 Hyorin
No.4 So Chan Whee
No.5 Ha Dong Qn
No.6 Lena Park

[1round Dropout]
Total up of the score of 1st and 2nd contest
No.6 Hyorin dropout

[New Singer to the 2nd Round]
Whee Sung, Monni (2 team)

[Listen to I Am a Singer Season3 Korea Episode3 Music Video]

1. Lena Park - After You Leave 박정현 - 그대 떠난 뒤
Original Song - 빛과 소금 Bitgwa Sogeum 1st, 1989

2. Hyorin - Fate 효린 - 인연
Original Song - 이선희 Lee Sun Hee 13th, 2005

3. Sweet Sorrow - The Wind Is Blowing 스윗소로우 - 바람이 분다
Original Song - 이소라 Lee So Ra 6th, 2004

4. So Chan Whee - You So Far Away 소찬휘 - 님은 먼 곳에
Original Song - 김추자 Kim Choo Ja, 1970

5. Yangpa - Forever With You 양파 - 그대와 영원히
Original Song - 이문세 Lee Mun Se 3rd, 1985

6. Ha Dong Qn - Come Together 하동균 - Come Together
Original Song - The Beatles 12th, 1969

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