Friday, February 27, 2015

I Am a Singer3 Ep5 Videos I Am a Singer Season3 Korea February 27, 2015 Music Video

[I Am a Singer Season3 Korea Episode5]
Channel - MBC
Producer - Bak Hyeonho, Gang Yeongseon, Gim Junhyeon
MC - Lena Park
Airdate - February 27, 2015
Episode - 2round 2nd contest
Theme - The Song That I Want To Sing
Cast - Lena Park, So Chan Whee, Sweet Sorrow, Yangpa, Ha Dong Qn, Whee Sung, Monni (7 team)

I Am a Singer3 Episode5 Album Cover

[2round 2nd Contest Ranking]
No.1 Lena Park
No.2 So Chan Whee
No.3 Ha Dong Qn
No.4 Sweet Sorrow
No.5 Monni
No.6 Whee Sung
No.7 Yangpa

# 2round final dropout - Monni
# Nest round new singer - Na Yoon Kwon

[Listen to I Am a Singer Season3 Korea Episode5 Music Video]

1. Sweet Sorrow - Bounce 스윗소로우 - 바운스
원곡 조용필 Cho Yong Pil, 2013

2. Yangpa - On The Street 양파 - 거리에서
Original Song - 성시경 Seon Si Kyung, 2006

3. Monni - It is for you 몽니 - 널 위한 거야
Original Song - 미스 미스터 MISS.Mr, 1996

4. Whee Seong - Standing In The Shade of Street Trees 휘성 - 가로수 그늘 아래 서면
Original Song - 이문세 Lee Moon Se, 1988

5. Ha Dong Qn - Waiting 하동균 - 기다림
Original Song - 이승열 Lee Seong Yeol, 2003

6. Lena Park - Thank You 박정현 - Thank You
Original Song - 넬 Nell, 2004

7. So Chan Whee - Can't Have You 소찬휘 - 가질 수 없는 너
Original Song - 뱅크 Bank, 1995

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