Sunday, March 1, 2015

Kpopstar4 Ep11 Videos Kpopstar Season4 February 1, 2015 Music Video

[Kpopstar4 Ep11]
Channel - SBS
Producer - Park Seonghun, Lee Yanghwa, Ryu Seungho, Jeong Ikseung
Judges - Yang Hyunsuk, Park Jinyoung, You Heeyeol
MC - Jeon Hyeonmu
Airdate - February 1, 2015
Episode - 11th
Theme - Round 4 Casting Audition, Warm-up Match of Battle Audition

[Episode11 Participant & Result]
1. Blue - Kang Poo Reum(YG), Ada Wong(YG)
2. Jijon(Antena) - John Choo, Jang Mi Ji
# Additional personnel of dropouts. Park Hye Soo(Antena)
# Total of 18 team got through to Battle Audition

Warm-up Match of Battle Audition
1. YG Jeong Seung Whan 
2. Antena Lee Jin Ah 
3. JYP Park Yoon Ha 
# YG won. YG got a ticket to top 10.     

[Listen to Kpopstar4 Songs]

1. The Blue - I'll Write You A Letter 푸르다 - 편지할게요
Ada Wong, Kang Poo Reum 에이다웡 강푸름
Original Song - 박정현 Lena Park, 1999

2. Jijon - I'm a Friend for You, You're a Lover for Me 지존 - 넌 친구 난 연인
John Choo, Jang Mi Ji 존추 장미지
Original Song - 김건모 Kim Keon Mo, 1995

3. Jeong Seung Whan - Love That Was Too Painful Was Not Love 정승환 - 너무 아픈 사랑은 사랑이 아니었음을
Original Song - 김광석 Kim Kwang Seok, 1994

4. Lee Jin Ah - The Letter 이진아 - 편지
Original Song - 이진아 Lee Jin Ah, 2015

5. JYP Park Yoon Ha - Can't You 박윤하 - 안되나요
Original Song - 휘성 Whee Seong, 2002

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