Monday, March 9, 2015

K팝스타4 Kpopstar4 Ep16 Videos Kpopstar Season4 March 8, 2015 Music Video

Channel - SBS
Producer - Park Seonghun, Lee Yanghwa, Ryu Seungho, Jeong Ikseung
Judges - Yang Hyunsuk, Park Jinyoung, You Heeyeol
MC - Jeon Hyeonmu
Airdate - March 8, 2015
Episode - 16th
Theme - Kpopstar4 top10

[Episode16 Participant & Result]

# Rules
Kpopstar top10 are devided into 2 groups.
No.1~No.3 of each team goes top8.
One of the No.4~No.5 will dropout by the vote of viewer judges.

Group A.
A-1 Seo Ye An(predropout group)
A-2 Esder Kim(No.1)
A-3 Jijon(predropout group)
A-4 Lee Jin Ah(No.2)
A-5 Sparkling Girls(No.3)

Additional top8 from predropout group
Lilly M(51votes), Park Yoon Ha(35votes)

Final dropout
Jijon, Seo Ye An

[Listen to Kpopstar4 Songs]

1. Seo Ye An - Closer 서예안 - Closer
Original Song - 효린 Hyorin. 2013

2. Esder Kim - Come Back Home 에스더김 - Come Back Home
Original Song - 2NE1 Come Back Home. 2014

3. Jijon - Alone 지존 - 나 혼자
Original Song - 씨스타 Sistar. 2012

4. Lee Jin Ah - Winter Rich 이진아 - 겨울부자
Original Song - 이진아 Lee Jin Ah. 2015

5. Sparkling Girls - When You Believe 스파클링 걸스 - When You Believe
Original Song - Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. 1998

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