Monday, April 27, 2015

04/26/2015 Real Man Season 2 videos Papyunsan Corps Lim Wonhee Kim Youngchul Jeong Kyeowoon Sam Kim Lee Kyuhan Sleepy Samuel Okyere Jo Donghyuk HighTop

Program - Real Man Season 2
Channel - MBC
Cast - Lim Wonhee, Kim Youngcheol, Sam Kim, Kim Seunghyun, Lee Kyuhan, Jeong Kyeowoon, Sleepy, Samuel Okyere, Youngmin, Kwangmin, Jo Donghyuk, HighTop
Airdate - April 26, 2015 (Sunday)
Episode - 1311-2
Place - Papyunsan Corps

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video origin : MBC Real Man Season 2 official site

1. 'I will love you after my death' Romatic Jung Kyuwoon write a letter in the night before battle training.

2. 'I can't imagine this in my kitchen' Sam Kim was embarrassed at potatos were gone.

3. Cooking fighting dog Sam Kim VS hand trick Choi Dongjoon - mess personnel match 'Titanic struggle'

4. 'Masterpiece muscle' Jo Dognhyuk became head trainer of health class in 10 minutes '

5. Mess personnel trio saw bombings and said 'Fireworks!' '

6. 'Graves registration experience' Kim Youngchul and Jo Donghyuk felt 'mixed, embarrassed, chilled'

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