Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 5, 2015 The Return of Superman ep 72 videos Song Il Kuk Triplets Daehan Minkuk Manse Chu Sunghoon Chu Sarang

Program - The Return of Superman
Channel - KBS2
Cast - Song Ilkuk, Song Daehan, Song Minkuk, Song Manse, Choo Seong Hoon, Choo Sarang, Lee Whee Jae, Lee Seoeon, Lee Seojun, Eom Tae Woong, Eom Jion
Airdate - April 5, 2015
Episode - 72
Theme - I can do well even by myself

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1. Triplets's home is full of happy from morning 'Dad, I miss you'

2. Triplets grow up day by day, they can handle chopstick easily

3. Triplets go to Nursery School. We are joyful without Dad

4. Daehan, Minkuk, Manse formed a larva expedition

5. Triplets challenged marshmallow test. It's difficult to be patient

6. Choo Sa Rang challenged climbing for the first time in her life. Spider Sarang

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