Thursday, April 16, 2015

April 6, 2015 Please Take Care of My Refrigerator ep 21 videos & recipe Lee Kyuhan Kim Kibang

Program - Please Take Care of My Refrigerator
Channel - JTBC
MC - Kim Sungjoo, Jung Hyungdon
Chef - Hong Seokcheon, Choi Hyunseok, Sam Kim, Kim Poong, Mihal Ashminov, Jeong Changwook, Lee Wonil, Park Junwoo
Airdate - April 6, 2015 (Monday)
Episode - 21
Guest - Lee Kyuhan, Kim Kibang

# Love of Your Life Recipe

# Sam and Cheese Gratin Recipe

# Theme

(1R) Dish for espaping from solo
Mihal Ashminov - Very Very Lovely Girl
Park Joonwoo - Love of Your Life L.O.L (win)

(2R) Cheese-rich Nutty Dish
Sam Kim - Sam and Cheese Gratin (win)
Kim Poong - Cheese-rich Toast

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video origin : Take Care of The Refrigerator official on Naver Cast

1. Well-informed person Park Joonwoo, Super taster Lee Wonil! Intern chefs are capable persons

2. 10 years solo Kim Kibang, when his refrigerator is opened, 'Wellcome to husband's home

3. Sam Kim's natural enemy Kim Poong, too provoking!

4. 'If it is tasteless...' high praises are continued. Sam Kim and Kim Poong's potential power burst

5. [15 minute recipe] Chef Park Joonwoo's L.O.L

6. [15 minute recipe] Chef Sam Kim's Sam and Cheese Gratin

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