Wednesday, April 15, 2015

March 28, 2015 My Little Television ep pilot 2 videos Baik Jongwon Kim Gura Hong Jinyoung Jeong Joonil Kim Youngcheol Choa

Program - My Little Television
Channel - MBC
Cast - Baik Jongwon, Kim Gura, Hong Jinyoung, Jeong Joonil, Kim Youngcheol, Choa (AOA)
Airdate - March 28, 2015
Episode - Pilot 2nd

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video origin : My Little Television channel on MBC official site

1. Kim Gura reached heaven by under attack

2. Made in Baik Jongwon, Rolled Omelet

3. Despite being under attack, Baik Jongwon 'Food Acutuality'

4. Choa appeared at Jeong Junil's broadcast, 'It was good for me that I was the last'

5. Baik Jongwon won at Malitel, Missus, I love you

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