Wednesday, April 15, 2015

March 29, 2015 Real Man Season 2 videos Lim Wonhee Kim Youngcheol Jeong Kyeoun Sam Kim Lee Kyuhan Sleepy Samuel Okyere Jo Donghyuk HighTop

Program - Real Man Season 2
Channel - MBC
Cast - Lim Wonhee, Kim Youngcheol, Sam Kim, Lee Kyuhan, Jeong Kyeowoon, Sleepy , Samuel Okyere, Jo Donghyuk, HighTop
Airdate - March 29, 2015 (Sunday)
Episode - 1307-2
Place - Replacement Training Center (RTC)

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video origin : Real Man Season 2 official on Naver Cast

1. The anal sphincter of Kim Youngcheol became loose because of hard physical training

2. Lee Kyuhan, It's easy today to be trained chemical, biological and radiological exercise

3. Kim Youngcheol and Jeong Kyeoun's bromance during chemical, biological and radiological exercise

4. Sleepy, the escape pioneer became religious leader of CBR EX

5. Kim Youngcheol was greedy for Gag

6. Real Man ep 1308 trailer

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