Saturday, April 18, 2015

March 29, 2015 The Return of Superman ep 71 videos Song Il Kuk Triplets Daehan Minkuk Manse Chu Sunghoon Chu Sarang

Program - The Return of Superman
Channel - KBS2
Cast - Song Ilkuk, Song Daehan, Song Minkuk, Song Manse, Choo Sunghoon, Choo Sarang, Lee Wheejae, Lee Seoeon, Lee Seojun, Eom Taewoong, Eom Jion
Airdate - March 29, 2015
Episode - 71
Theme - Even not good, step by step

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video origin : KBS entertainment official youtube channel

1. Daehan was proud of Song Ilkook, 'This is my father!'

2. Song Ilkook challenged bus license. Triplets cheered for their father

3. Triplets, Gorgonzola eating show

4. With baby hands Triplets removed anchovy's coprostasis

5. Triplets changed into ballerino, 'cute and adorabe'

6. Chu Sarang's Korean has improved day by day. She sang 'Taegeukgi and Three Bears' completly

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