Sunday, May 10, 2015

05/09/2015 My Little Television ep 3 videos Baik Jongwon Kim Gura Choa Ye Jeonghwa San E

Program - My Little Television
Channel - MBC
Airdate - May 9, 2015
Episode - 3
Cast - Baik Jongwon, Kim Gura, Choa (AOA), Ye Jeonghwa, San-E

# Winner
Baik Jongwon recorded the highest ratings
He got a badge of king, a belt of king and qualification of 'king of kings match'

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video origin : My Little Television channel on Naver Cast, MBC official

1. Choa was embarrassed because one of her guitar strings broke

2. Baik Jongwon was busy apologizing. This time he became a Apple Boy

3. Ye Jeonghwa's perfect body wearing swimsuit and face without makeup

4. Kim Goora invited Lee Daji who is a history teacher

5. Jessi appeared unexpectedly as a supporting fire for San E

6. Making cream sourse - Baik Jongwon put sugar automatically. 'Sugar Boy'

7. Making Original carbonara - Baik Jongwon set scallion like herb

8. My Little Television ep 4 trailer

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