Sunday, May 10, 2015

05/10/2015 Real Man Season 2 ep 11 videos Navy recruit training center

Program - Real Man Season 2
Channel - MBC
Cast - Lim Wonhee, Kim Youngcheol, Sam Kim, Lee Kyuhan, Jeong Kyeowoon, Sleepy, Samuel Okyere, Jo Donghyuk, Julien Kang, Han Sangjin
Airdate - May 10, 2015 (Sunday)
Episode - 11
Place - Navy recruit training center

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video origin : MBC Real Man Season 2 official channel on Naver Cast

1. 'Platoon leader, why your voice is so small?' Tactless Samuel Okyere

2. Julien Kang left food waste and was severely scolded by the instructor 'Introduction about leftover food'

3. Fateful rivals - Jung Kyuwoon VS Julien Kang challenged 10m diving 'real men'

4. The confusing supper. Bean sised rice ball? Limited meal training!

5. Kim Youngcheol showed how to put on duty uniform upper the sea. Caution of laughing

6. Real man season 2 ep 11 trailer

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