Monday, May 11, 2015

05/11/2015 Please Take Care of My Refrigerator ep 26 videos & recipe K.will, Jung Joonyoung

Program - Please Take Care of My Refrigerator
Channel - JTBC
MC - Kim Sungjoo, Jung Hyungdon
Chef - Hong Seokcheon, Choi Hyunseok, Sam Kim, Kim Poong, Mihal Ashminov, Jeong Changwook, Lee Wonil, Park Junwoo
Airdate - May 10, 2015 (Monday)
Episode - 26
Guest - K.will, Jung Joonyoung

# Chicken Mayo and Sesame Recipe

# Yeonbok Style Topped Rice Recipe

# Theme

(1R) Challenging chicken breast dish
Mihal Ashminov - Chicken Mayo and Sesame (won)
Lee Wonil - This is Wonil's Chicken (Sous Vide Cooked Chicken)

(2R) Humane single man's late-night meal
Sam Kim - Will Night Cutlet
Kim Poong - Yeonbok Style Topped Rice (won)

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video origin : Take Care of The Refrigerator official channel on Naver Cast

1. 1. After becoming a laughing stock as 'Natural solo' K.will self-destructed 'I'm promiscuous'

2. The fermentation doctor K.will's refrigerator was fillde with rotten ingredients

3. When will be cooked sample food?

4. Nothing Is Impossible! Mihal completed hand made mayo!

5. It's okay that I looks ugly. Chicken Mayo and Sesame is too delicious!

6. Kim Poong was possessed by Lee Yeonbok! Uncontrollable garlic terror

7. [15 minutes recipe] Chef Mihal's Chicken Mayo and Sesame

8. [15 minutes recipe] Chef Kim Poong's Yeonbok Style Topped Rice

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