Saturday, May 16, 2015

05/16/2015 We Got Married ep 272 videos WGM

Program - We Got Married 4
Channel - MBC
Cast - Song Jaerim, Kim Soeun, Henry, Kim Yewon, Lee Jonghyun, Gong Seungeon
Airdate - May 16, 2015 (Saturday)
Episode - 272

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video origin : We Got Married channel on Naver Cast

1. Song Jaerim ate a fly bug instead of Kim Soeun

2. Song Jaerim blushed at having a massage

3. Father in law stated 'Have you kissed ever?'

4. Real man Lee Jonghyun pushed Gong Seungyeon to the wall

5. Jonghyun's heart was hammering at seeing Seungyeon's transforming to a model

6. Amber and N exposed the secret of Henry and Yewon couple

7. WGM ep 273 trailer

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