Sunday, May 17, 2015

05/17/2015 Mystery Music Show - King of Masked Singer ep 7 videos

[Mystery Music Show - King of Masked Singer]
Channel - MBC
MC (eng name) - Kim Seongjoo, Kim Gura
Airdate - May 17, 2015
Episode - 7

# rules
1. The winner goes next round.
2. The loser has to take off his mask.

# Singer & Scores & Identity

(1R) Group 1
High Frequency Double Antenna (54 points) won
Cheep Up My Father (45 points) Yook Joonwan (Rose Motel, singer)

(1R) Group 2
Hardware Store's Boss Mr. Kim (34 points) Hong Seokcheon (entertainer)
Sangamdong Whistle (65 points) won

(1R) Group 3
CBR Room Cleopatra (50 points) won
Storm and Gale Unicorn (49 points) Bae Dahae (musical actress)

(1R) Group 4
Dances with a Wolf (57 points) won
Coy Red Fox (42 points) Sojin (Girl's Day, singer)

[Watch King of Masked Singer Music Videos]
video origin : King of Masked Singer channel on Naver Cast

1. High Frequency Double Antenna, Cheep Up My Father - The Blue Inside of You (Kim Hyuncheol)

2. Hardware Store's Boss Mr. Kim, Sangamdong Whistle - Feeling Only You (The Blue)

3. CBR Room Cleopatra, Storm and Gale Unicorn - The Phantom of the Opera

4. Dances with a Wolf, Coy Red Fox - Like Rain Like Music (Kim Hyunsik)

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