Monday, May 25, 2015

05/24/2015 Real Man Season 2 ep 12 videos SSU

Program - Real Man Season 2
Channel - MBC
Cast (eng name) - Lim Wonhee, Kim Youngcheol, Sam Kim, Lee Kyuhan, Jeong Kyeowoon, Sleepy, Samuel Okyere, Jo Donghyuk, Julien Kang, Han Sangjin
Airdate - May 24, 2015 (Sunday)
Episode - 12
Place - SSU

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video origin : MBC Real Man Season 2 official channel on Naver Cast

1. Sleepy was very sad during being punished!

2. Jo Donghyuk declared withdrawal for his water trauma. He cried bitter tears

3. Sam Kim was expelled on account of shortage of training time

4. Sleepy succeeded in '1 minute enduring breath'

5. Military trainee is the one. They overcame the temptation of expulsion by their comradeship

6. Real Man ep 13 trailer

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