Sunday, March 15, 2015

K팝스타4 Kpopstar4 Ep17 Videos Kpopstar Season4 March 15, 2015 Music Video top6 Esder Kim Park Yoon Ha Katy Kim Lee Jin Ah Jeong Seung Whan Lilly M

Channel - SBS
Producer - Park Seonghun, Lee Yanghwa, Ryu Seungho, Jeong Ikseung
Judges - Yang Hyunsuk, Park Jinyoung, You Heeyeol
MC - Jeon Hyeonmu
Airdate - March 15, 2015
Episode - 17th
Theme - Kpopstar4 top8

[Episode17 Participant & Result]

# Rules
Kpopstar top8  one on one battle
The winner goes top6, the loser goes predropout group.

Group1. Esder Kim(top6) Lilly M(predropout group)
Group2. Jeong Seung Whan(predropout group) Park Yoon Ha(top6)
Group3. Grace Shin(predropout group) Katy Kim(top6)
Group4. Sparkling Girls(predropout group) Lee Jin Ah(top6)

# Predropout group
Lilly M. Jeong Seung Whan. Grace Shin. Sparkling Girls

# One by viewer's votes. Jeong Seung Whan(top6)
# One by judges. Lilly M(top6)

Final dropout
Sparkling Girls, Grace Shin

[Listen to Kpopstar4 Songs]

1. Esder Kim - Lay Me Down 에스더김 - Lay Me Down
Original Song - Sam Smith Lay Me Down. 2013

2. Lilly M - Grenade 릴리M - Grenade
Original Song - Bruno Mars. 2010

3. Jeong Seung Whan - Running In The Sky 정승환 - 하늘을 달리다
Original Song - 이적 Lee Jeok. 2003

4. Park Yoon Ha - One Last Cry 박윤하 - One Last Cry
Original Song - Brian McKnight . 1992

5. Grace Shin - Only Look At Me 그레이스신 - 나만 바라봐
Original Song - 태양 Taeyang. 2008

6. Katy Kim - Like an Indian Doll 케이티김 - 인디안 인형처럼
Original Song - 나미 Nami. 1994

7. Sparkling Girls - Candy Man 스파클링 걸스 - 캔디맨
Original Song - 브라운아이드걸스 Brown Eyed Girls. 2009

8. Lee Jin Ah - Cheerleader Song 이진아 - 치어리더쏭
Original Song - 이진아 Lee Jin Ah. 2015

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