Thursday, April 16, 2015

March 23, 2015 Please Take Care of My Refrigerator ep 19 videos & recipe Jeong Kyungho Yoon Hyunmin

Program - Please Take Care of My Refrigerator
Channel - JTBC
MC - Kim Sungjoo, Jung Hyungdon
Chef - Hong Seokcheon, Choi Hyunseok, Sam Kim, Kim Poong, Mihal Ashminov, Jeong Changwook, Lee Wonil, Park Junwoo
Airdate - March 23, 2015 (Monday)
Episode - 19
Guest - Jeong Kyungho, Yoon Hyunmin

# Cheetoui Cheetoui Bangbang Recipe

# Hongrun Ball Recipe

# Theme

(1R) Fritter Dish
Choi Hyunseok - Cheetoui Cheetoui Bangbang (win)
Mihal - Beer Shrimp

(2R) Single Man's Housewarming Dish
Hong Seokcheon - Hongrun Ball (win)
Park Joonwoo - Blow After Blow

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video origin : Take Care of The Refrigerator official on Naver Cast

1. Bloom frying flower! Choi Hyunseok scattered dough bluffly

2. Mihal Ashminov, flashy handling 'Standard method of beating meringue

3. Eating show with untieing a tie! 'Cheetoui Cheetoui Bangbang'

4. 'Cheap buffet's taste', Hong Seokcheon flied into a rage at Kim Poong's taste assesment

5. [15 minute recipe] Hong Seokcheon's Hongrun Ball

6. [15 minute recipe] Choi Hyunseok's Cheetoui Cheetoui Bangbang

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