Sunday, May 3, 2015

20150502 My Little Television ep 2 videos Baik Jongwon Kim Gura Choa Kang Kyunseong Ye Jeonghwa

Program - My Little Television
Channel - MBC
Airdate - May 2, 2015
Episode - 2
Cast - Baik Jongwon, Kim Gura, Choa (AOA), Kang Kyunseong, Ye Jeonghwa

# Winner
Baik Jongwon recorded the highest ratings
He got a badge of king, a belt of king and qualification of 'king of kings match'

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video origin : My Little Television channel on Naver Cast, MBC official

1. Kang Kyunseong recorded the lowest ratings by AOA's attack

2. Kim Gura and Heo Gooyeon sang 'Arizona Cowboy' loudly

3. Ye Jeonhwa demonstrated couple Yoga with male PD in charge

4. Choa made public 'Choa Song' witch she wrote the lyrics herself

5. Baik Jongwon was crowned 'Sugar Boy' by Sweet Poison

6. Baik Jongwon's 'Calory Bomb Toast'

7. Baik Jongwon made Soju Mojito

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